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七年级英语下册Unit 4 Amazing things学案

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 以下是精品学习网为您推荐的七年级英语下册Unit 4 Amazing things学案,希望本篇文章对您学习有所帮助。

七年级英语下册Unit 4 Amazing things学案


1. 让学生了解一些不寻常的现象和事件。

2. 学会用形容词来表达自己的感觉和见解。

3. 掌握下列四会单词:yesterday, bright, travel, Earth, moon, elephant, plant, without, strange



1. 把你的眼睛睁着 2. 在同时

3. 从地球旅行去月球 4. 象往常一样

5. 转身 6. 不寻常的事

7. 在我回家的路上 8. 朝树后看

9. 发出象低语的声音 10. 照顾

11. 痴迷于… 12. (狗)朝…叫

13. 三米长 14. 对…感兴趣

15. 活到… 16. 一头骆驼的重量



sneeze travel moon without Elephants Earth plant the USA open

1. It takes about three days to ________ from _______ to the _______ by rocket.

2. A man in _________ was 2.72 metres tall.

3. Fish sleep with their eyes _______.

4. You cannot ________ and keep your eyes open at the same time.

5. __________ walk on tiptoe.

6. There is no __________ life _________ lightning.


1、This world is full of_________ (amaze)things.

2、It takes 10-12 days ________(travel) from Earth to the Moon by rocket.

3、A man in Africa is 2.3_________(metre)tall.

4、Elephants walk on _______(toe).

5、There is no plant life ________(with)lightning.



1. Fish sleep with their eyes open.(改为一般疑问句)


2. A man in the USA was 2.72 metres tall.(改为否定句)


3. Elephants walk on tiptoe.(对划线部分提问)


4. Isn’t that wonderful?(作肯定回答)


5. There is no plant life without lightning.(改为同义句)


6. You cannot sneeze and keep your eyes open at the same time. (改为同义句)

You cannot keep your eyes open _____________________

You cannot sneeze ________________________________

7. He didn’t have breakfast this morning.

He went to school. (合并为一句)

He went to school _________ breakfast this morning.


1. 大象用脚趾尖走路。

Elephants walk on _________.

2. 没有你的帮助我就不能完成这项工作。

I cannot finish the job ________ _______ ________.

3. 这个老人喜欢开着窗户睡觉。

The old man likes sleeping ________ _________ ________ ________.

4. 我没有时间去看电视。

I have no time ________ ________ ________.

5. 我对电脑游戏很感兴趣。

I am ________ ________ computer games.

6. 它是一个不明飞行物。看它的亮光。

It is a UFO. Look at its _________ ________.

7. 没有你的帮助我就不能完成这项工作。

I cannot finish the job_________ ________ ________.

8. 没有奶牛就没有牛奶。

There is _________ milk __________ cows.

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Reading (1)(第二课时)



词汇:usual, hear, bush, unusual, frightened, anybody, nobody, carefully, noise, happen, everything, search, himself, weak, later, soft, last



1. 想要做某事 _________ 2. 像往常一样 __________

3. 转身 __________ 4. 不寻常的事 __________

5. 跑开,逃跑 __________ 6. 碰见,遇见 ____________

7. 仔细听 ____ 8. 在某人去某地的路上 ____________

9. 仔细搜查 __________ 10. 自言自语 _____________

11. 照顾 __________ 12. 不再 ____________


一、 根据课文内容填入所缺的词

One day, Millie and Amy chatted in Sunshine Park. S_________, they heard a w________ from the b_______ behind the tree. They turned around but could see n________ unusual. They felt f_________. Then they ran away quickly and s______ Andy on the way. When Andy knew it, he went to the park and s_______ carefully. He found a little cat in the bushes. It m_______ a sound like a whisper. Finally, Andy told Millie and Amy about the “ghost” and they took it to the animal c_______. Of course, Millie and Amy were not afraid a______ more.


1. Don’t make any n_______. Dad is sleeping.

2. He is f_______ of heights.

3. She spoke to me in a w_______.

4. Do you like to do something u________?

5. He is ill, so he feels very w______.

6. Can you take c_______ of yourself when your mother is away?

7. They are s________ the woods for a lost child.

8. Does a_______ live on the island?



1. The cat is so __________ (not strong) that they took it to the animal centre.

2. It rained when we got there, but the __________ (next) day was sunny.

3. They __________ (looked for carefully) for hours but couldn’t find the watch.

4. The world is full of __________ (unusual) things.

5. Let me _________ (to let sb. look) you the “ghost”.

6. When they heard their father’s voice, they were not __________ (afraid) any more.


( ) 1. Yesterday I met Amy ____________.

A. on my way home B. in my way home

C. on my way to home D. in my way to home

( ) 2. He turned around, but he couldn't see_______.

A. something unusual B. anything unusual

C. unusual anything D. unusual something

( ) 3. Mun is ill. I have to _______her at home.

A. look for B. look at C. look around D. look after

( ) 4. Can you ____this word ______English.

A. speak, with B. say, in C. speak, in D. say, with

( ) 5. Listen to me! I have _____to tell you.

A. important something B. important anything

C. something important D. anything important.

( ) 6. Jack and Perry will not come to the library ________ more.

A. no B. not C. some D. any


1,树上没有什么异常之物。(nothing unusual)


2,我每天早上花半个小时读英语。(It takes...)


3,现在我不再害怕动物了。我想了解它们的更多知识。(not...any nore, learn more about)




Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Reading (2)(第三课时)







1. something, anything, nothing, everything

There is __________ in the fridge now. I have to go to the supermarket.

You should do ___________ carefully.

Come here, I have ___________ interesting to tell you.

2. frightened, afraid

The boy looked at the man with ____________ eyes.

I’m __________ I can’t lend you my car.

He is ____________ of snakes.

3. hear, listen

Tom _________ carefully, but he _________ nothing.

Can you __________ someone calling for help?

I like __________ to frightening stories.

I _________ that you didn’t pass the exam. Is that true?

4. search, look for

I _________all my pockets for some money, but I found none.

My mother is __________ her missing watch in the sitting room now

5. a little, a few

Don’t worry. We still have _________ time.

Can you wait for __________ minutes.

There is _________ air pollution in the new town than in other areas in Beijing.

There are __________ people here than in the centre of the city.

6. sound, noise, voice

Can you hear the ________ of running water?

Light travels faster than __________.

The girl has a sweet _________.

Don’t make such a _________. I hate it.

Your idea _________ great.



1. Millie is good at ________ (plan) everything.

2. He hopes everything _________ (go) well.

3. My uncle ___________ (travel) to America last year.

4. Her mother _________ (make) a big birthday cake for her yesterday.

5. ---Who _______ (put) the cat into the box? ---Andy did.

6. What ________ you ________ (find) in the tree. ---A bird.

7. Nobody ________ (be) in the park at that time.

8. I was ___________ (frighten) when I heard the loud voice.

9. Don’t ____________ (frighten) him. He is only a child.

10. I am afraid of ________ (go) out at night. The darkness is _________ (frighten).



( ) 1. The music _________ the singing of the birds.

A. sounds B. listens to C. hears D. sounds like

( ) 2. The little boy looks like _______.

A. funny B. fun C. love D. lovely

( ) 3. Nobody _______ Space Museum because it will rain.

A. are going to visit B. is going to visit

C. are on a visit to D. are visiting

( ) 4. _______ elephant is _______ useful animal.

A. An , an B. A , an C. The , an D. The , a

( ) 5. Suddenly I heard a heavy _______ come from the next room, and then I heard a woman’s _______ for help.

A. voice , noise B. noise , voice C. sound , voice D. noise , sound

( ) 6. Yesterday she went to school _______.

A. as usually B. as usual C. usually D. like usual

( ) 7. The little boy is too young to look after _______.

A. he B. his C. himself D. him



The teacher came into the classroom ___________________________________.


___________________________ he met his friend.

3. 她再也不怕老鼠了。

She ____________________________________________.

4. 我们一生要吃27000公斤的食物。

We eat about 27000 kilos of food _______________________.

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Vocabulary (第四课时)


1. 学习表述不同程度的喜爱。

2. 学会在生活中描述并表达自己的喜好。

3. 掌握以下四会内容:

词汇:crazy, kick, stone, can, dislike, few, practise, even, early, bark, hard-working

词组:be crazy about, be fond of, wake up, hate doing sth, practise doing sth



hate be crazy about play with wake up few of us

1. The boy is lazy. His mother _______ him ______ every morning.

2. She _________ playing football. She never plays it.

3. The film is not interesting. ___________ like it.

4. He likes _________ matches(火柴). It is dangerous.

5. Andy ________________ football last year. He practiced it every day.


一. 根据提示内容或语境选用合适的词或词组完成句子:

1. Suzy ________ red. She has very few red clothes.

2. Mrs. Brown ________ watching football matches on TV, but her son loves watching very much.

3. He ________ so much homework. He wants to spend more time on his hobbies.

4. Amy is ___________ music. When she sleeps, she dreams about singing.

5. Daniel is _________ playing football. He plays football every day.

6. We all _______ Sandy because she is polite and helpful.

7. Sometimes the fans are ___________ their stars.


1. Many people are c________ about football.

2. Are you f_______ of rock music.

3. Please follow me. K______ the ball like this.

4. Silk feels s_______.

5. A dog which likes b________ doesn’t bike others.

6. To catch the school bus, you should get up e________.

7. We Chinese people are h__________ and brave(勇敢).

8. It’s too hard to play tennis, so f______ students in our class can play it.

三 单项选择

( )1、Last week I met a friend of ______ in Shandong .

A. me B. my C. mine D.I

( )2、He has only ______friends ,so he often plays by himself.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( )3、He is fond ______in his free time.

A. of singing B. sing C. singing D. of sing

( )4、You’d better speak in a low ______.

A. sound B. noise C. voice D. whisper

( )5、To our ______, he got the first place at the sports.

A. surprised B. surprising C. surprising D. surprises

( )6、Tom is ______about films , so he often goes to the cinema every day.

A. like B. crazy C. surprised D. strange

( )7、Each of the children ______amazing things in the world.

A. likes reading B. like reading C. likes read D. like read



1. Lily is fond of ________ (listen) to pop songs.

2. Simon is crazy about _________ (play) basketball.

3. Daniel hates __________ (climb) mountains.

4. Eddie dislikes ________ (wake) up early. He ________ (bark) at Jim now.

5. Kitty practices __________ (dance) every day.

6. You mustn’t lend it to ___________ (somebody).


1. 夏天我喜欢去游泳而不喜欢去跑步。

I ______ ______ _______ but _______ _______ _______ in summer.

2. 米莉很喜欢读漫画书。

Millie _______ _______ _______ ________ comic books.

3. 她热爱她的图书管理员的工作, 因为她喜欢读书。

She _______ her work as a librarian because she _________ reading books.

4. 那个男孩痴迷于玩电脑游戏。

That boy ______ _______ _______ _______ computer games.

5. 我妈妈讨厌吃鸡蛋。

My mother ________ ________ eggs.

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Grammar (1)(第五课时)


1. 了解一般过去时的构成及用法。

2. 根据情境正确使用一般过去时谈论过去的事件。

3. 掌握以下词汇:pity, die, frog, ago, spear, scientist, weigh, kilogram, grass, lay, baby

4. 掌握下列词组:so many amazing animals, a long time ago, live on land, lay eggs


小组讨论, 交流。你能写出这些动词的过去式吗?

walk ________ search_________ need _________ clean _________

want ________ kick __________ start __________ answer ________

live _________ use __________ play __________ study _________

carry ________ try __________ stop ___________ plan _________

chat _________ cost _________ put ___________ write _________

know ________ make ________ spend _________ leave ________

catch ________ do __________ go ____________ have _________

is _________ am __________ are ___________



1. I ______ (be) at home yesterday, but my sister ______ (be not) at home.

2. We ______ (be) happy last Sunday, but they _________ (be not) happy.

3. When _______ (be) you born? I ______ (be) born in 1993.

4. There ______ (be) too much homework last night.

5. _______(be) there any books on the desk just now?

6. Very _________, he opened the door for the dog. (quiet)

7. What a ________ present you have! (love)

8. Look! How fast the train ________ ! (run)

9. I think my room is cleaner than ________. (she)

10.It took me half an hour ________ (walk) there.


1. My mother watched TV last night. (对划线部分提问)


2. Lily enjoyed the fashion show the day before yesterday. (改为一般疑问句)


3. They are doing some shopping at the moment. (用a moment ago改写句子)


4. Simon forgot to close the windows yesterday. (对划线部分提问)


5. He spent ten yuan on this book. (同义句)

He _____________________________________________________________

This book _______________________________________________________

6. Sandy finished the fashion design last Friday. (对划线部分提问)


7. The boy’s father took him to the zoo last Sunday. (否定句)


8. I was at school yesterday. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)


9. I did my homework last night. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)


10 These flowers are very beautiful.(感叹句)

What ________ ________ ________ are!

How ________ ________ _________ are!



1. Simon _____(walk) to school yesterday morning, but I _____(go) to school by bike.

2. –I _______ (arrive) at the theatre at 7.30 yesterday evening. What about you?

--Oh, I ______ (get) there a little earlier than you.

3. Last night they ______ (be) very tired because they _______ (chat) with their friends until 11 o’clock.

4. --______ you _______ (give) the CD to him last week?

--No, I _______ (leave) it at home.

5. My father _______ (buy) a cat for me as a birthday present last year. But it _____ (die) last week.

6. Last Friday, our teacher ______ (tell) us to clean the classroom. We _______ (clean) it very carefully.

7. She _______ (meet) him two year ago.

8. My brother ________ (not go) to the cinema with us yesterday evening.

9. I ________ (can) not speak any English when I _______ (be) seven years old.

10. --Where ______ you ______ (have) the basketball match last Wednesday?

--We _______ (have) it on the playground of our school.

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Grammar (2)(第六课时)


1. 根据情境正确使用一般过去时谈论过去的事件。

2. 掌握以下词汇:dinosaur, ago, appear, scientist, weigh, kilogram, grass, lay, baby

3. 掌握下列词组:hundreds of , What a pity! be fond of, take care of, be excited to



My uncle _______ (be) born in a small village in 1964. He ______ (live) there for ten years. Then he _______ (come) to school in town. He ________ (stay) there for about six years and _________ (finish) middle school. After that he _______ (go) to Shanghai to study. Then he ________ (work) there for nearly eight years. About two years ago, he ________ (find) a new job in Beijing. So he ________ (move) to Beijing with his family. Now he ________ (enjoy) living in Beijing. He _______ (like) his work very much.



1. ________ (醒醒)!It’s 7:00a.m. You are late for school.

2. He’s a naughty boy. On his way home, he always ____________ (踢石子).

3. The _________ (科学家) are researching on the dinosaurs.

4. He couldn’t _________ (相信) his own eyes.

5. Do you __________ (记得) what I told you?

6. I know its _________ (重量). It _________ (重) about 56 kilograms.

7. It’s a p______. I didn’t watch the match.

8. That duck almost l______ an egg every day.

9. When Yao Ming a________, the fans are all excited.

10. Don’t eat those mushrooms(蘑菇). They are p_________.


( ) 1. Harry is very helpful. He _______ water for the old man every day last year.

A. is carrying B. carries C. carried D. will carry

( ) 2. Tom _____ his book on the desk three minutes ago. But now he can’t find it.

A. putted B. put C. puts D. is putting

( ) 3. --_____ you _____the film last night? --No, I _______.

A. Do ; see; don’t B. Did ; saw ; don’t

C. Did ; see ; didn’t D. Do ; see ; didn’t

( ) 4. –Why ____ you so ______? --I had a long walk this morning.

A. is ; tired B. was ; tired C. are ; tired D. do ; tired

( ) 5. He went ______ yesterday and ______ some apples.

A. shopping ; bought B. shopping ; buying

C. shop ; bought D. shopping ; buy

( ) 6. He often ______ up at 5:30, but he ______ up at 6:00 yesterday morning.

A. gets ; gets B. got ; got C. gets ; got D. got ; gets

( ) 7. I ______ some bread and milk ______ breakfast this morning.

A. have ; for B. had ; for C. has ; with D. had ; with

( ) 8. –Who ______ the cry first? --Tom did.

A. hears B. listens to C. listened to D. heard

( ) 9. –Is there ______ in today’s newspaper? --Nothing.

A. something interesting B. anything interesting

C. interesting anything D. interesting things

( )10. There are lots of students on the playground. Some are playing football, _____ are flying kites.

A. others B. the others C. other D. another




I _______ a book ______ ______. I ______ ______ very interesting.


I _____ ______ _______ ______in the museum_______. I ______ very _______.


The twins ______ ______ ______ ______ in the park ______ ______ ______.


This table ________ ten ________ and is ten _______ _______.

5.--你害怕蛇吗? --是的,我有点怕。

--_____ _____ ______ ______ snakes?

--Yes, I am _______ _______ _______.


He is very _________. He ______________________________________.


He _______ _______ ______ thing yesterday, but he ______ ______ what it was.


He _______ _______ _______ collecting stamps ______ he _______ young.

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Integrated skills & Pronunciation(第七课时)




3.掌握以下词汇:ant, camel, giraffe, bone, neck, remember, word, goldfish, second, during, weight,up to, remember one’s words, after a meal, be afraid of, learn more about, happen to sb.



A giraffe Camels A tortoises Ants

1. __________ has only seven bones in its long neck.

2. __________ can live up to 150 years old.

3. __________ has three eyelids.

4. __________ can smell things as well as dog can.



1. Simon is often late for school. Today he is late _________(像往常一样).

2. Jimmy is very good at singing. Daniel sings ____________ Jimmy(与……一样好).

3. After listening to Mr. Wu about some animals, I _________________ (发现它们很神奇)

4. A man in my village _____________ (一直活到) 109 years. He died last week.

5. He _______________________ (对……感兴趣) collecting amazing things.

6. Something strange _____________________ (发生在他身上) yesterday.

7. Children want to ___________________ (了解更多有关) animals in English class.


一、 根据汉语意思写出单词

1. When a dog barks, you can give it a ________ (骨头).

2. There sixty ________ (秒) in one minute.

3. We ________ (决定) to visit the Funny World Museum this Saturday.

4. Suzy is writhing a ___________ (感谢) letter to Mr. Wu.

5. He can’t raise up his _________ (眼帘), he is sleepy.

6. I didn’t __________(明白) what you said just now.

二、 选用方框中的短语补全句子

don’t …any more, around the world, as well as, happen to,

next time, name … after, live up to, all day,

1. –Miss Gao, I’m sorry I’m late. –Never mind. Don’t be late _________.

2. –Do you know what __________ him? --He was ill yesterday.

3. Lily’s grandfather looks healthy. I believe he can __________ 100 years old.

4. –What do you want to do when you grow up?

--I want to play basketball ____________ Yao Ming.

5. Bob, don’t stay at home _________. Please go out for a walk.

6. –Why do you want to be an air hostess?

--Because I like traveling ____________________.

7. --_____ play computer games ______. The exam is coming.

-- I won’t, Mum.

8. –Shao Yifu is a famous charitarian (慈善家), people often _______ the schools and some buildings ___________ him.

三、 单项选择

( ) 1. _______ of us reads English every morning, so we can do well in English.

A. All B. Both C. Some D. Each

( ) 2. My mother told us ______ some bread.

A. to buy B. buys C. bought D. to bought

( ) 3. Lei Feng helped lots of people _______ his life.

A. over B. with C. during D. by

( ) 4. This text is easy for you. There are______ new words in it.

A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

( ) 5. Only _______ people can live up to 100 years old.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( ) 6. Thank you ______ your help.

A. with B. to C. for D. under

( ) 7. These are _______ T-shirts. Those are old _______ clothes.

A. boys ; people B. boys’; people’s C. boy’s; peoples’ D. boys’; people


1. 这架照相机太旧,不能用了。

The camera is ________ old _________ use.

2. 一到北京我就写信给你。

I’ll ________ to you _______ _______ ______ I ______ _______ Beijing.

3. 我读了一本关于门的书。书中说人一年做1000多个梦。

I _______ a book ________ _______. _______ _______ that a person has

_______ 1000 dreams in a year.

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Main task (第八课时)




3.掌握下列词汇:sandwich, piece, name, invent, star, history, once


(1) 持续做某事_______________ (2) 他自言自语 _________________

(3) 在途中________________ (4) 在同一年 ________________

(5) 成千上万的 ______________ (6) 发明电视机 _______________

(7) 以……命名_______________ (8) 在……岁时 ____________



1. He is very ________ (细心) in doing his homework.

2. Most boys are ________ (喜爱) of football or basketball.

3. Many girls are _________ (着迷) about popular singers.

4. You’d better not make any __________ (unhappy sound) in class.

5. Are there any ________ (星星) in the sky ?

6. China is a country with a h________ of more than 5,000 years.

7. Edison i_______ the lamp and many other things.

8. Today we use c________ TV but we used black-and-white TV sets many years ago.

9. My mother cooks meals for us and I usually wash the d_______ after meals.

10. There are no b_______ in the body of an ant.

11. The parents n_______ their baby after the lifesaver(救命恩人).

12. He __________ (look for) the whole house for the lost book.


( )1. He learnt swimming all by _________.

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

( )2. Yesterday he kept on ______ for twelve hours.

A. work B. to work C. working D. worked

( )3. What did they ______ about at the meeting last night?

A. discuss B. discussed C. to discuss D. discussing

( )4. It is terrible. The cat miaowed a lot at night recently(近来).

It ___ a baby crying.

A. sound B. sounds C. sound like D. sounds like

( )5. –My mother is ill. I have to look after myself. -- ______________.

A. That can’t be true B. Bad luck C. I’m sorry to hear that D. Sorry to listen

( )6. --Would you like to give me _____ salt, please?

--Sorry. There is _____ in the bag.

A. some ; little B. any ; a little C. any ; little D. some ; a little

( )7. I like wearing clothes ______ cotton.

A. are made of B. are making of C. made of D. made in


1. 警察搜查了房子找匪徒,发现了一些异常事物。

The police ________ the house _________ the ________, and ________ _________ ________.

2. Andy 在回家的路上碰到了他的一个老朋友。

Andy _________ _________ an old friend of _________ _______ his way ________.

3. 我为芭蕾狂!看到人们用足尖跳舞,真令人惊叹!

I am ________ ________ ballet. It is ________ to see people dance _________ _______.


A _______ can _________ _________ ________ 150 years old.


Birds ____1__ in the sky. And fish live in the water. We all know that. But if you see some fish in a tree ____2__ America, don’t think they are ____3__. They are a ___4__ kind of fish. They don’t ____5__ birds. The fish usually live in water like other fish. But they can live in a tree for some months of every year. When there is no water, they will do their best ___6__ a tree. And they can live in a tree for a long time. People ___7__ them killifish.

They are very small. They are about 5 cm long. They can live in a tree, ___8__ they must ____9__ in water. There is a very strange thing about killifish. They___10__ mum. They have no dad. You could say their fathers are their mothers. Isn’t it funny?

Many scientists are interested in them. They will tell us much more about killifish.

( ) 1. A. flies B. flying C. fly D. flew

( ) 2. A. in B. on C. from D. to

( ) 3. A. fish B. birds C. animals D. plants

( ) 4. A. beautiful B. usual C. strange D. new

( ) 5. A. like B. be like C. look like D. look likes

( ) 6. A. to get to B. to get C. get to D. getting to

( ) 7. A. say B. tell C. speak D. call

( ) 8. A. and B. or C. but D. so

( ) 9. A. were born B. be born C. bear D. born

( ) 10. A. only have a B. an only have C. have only D. only a have


根据提供的信息, 写篇题为“An amazing animal”的短文。也可根据你自己所知道的知识有所补充。

Camel: live in the desert; go without water for a long time; store(储存)food in its hump; change the food into fan(脂肪); not store the fat all over its body just in its hump because not want to be warm during the day

Unit 4 Amazing things

课题: Checkout (第九课时)


1. 评估学生对一般过去时用法的理解情况

2. 帮助学生理清写作思路



1. The police _______(搜查) the town and found the missing boy.

2. He is crazy about football. He practises _________(踢) it even when it rains.

3. What ________(发生) to you last night?

4. The Chinese are a __________(勤勉的) and brave people.

5. We now know that the first dinosaurs _________(出现) about 230 million years ago.

6. I don’t know what he said, ________(然而,但是), I will ask him.


1. We can’t live _______( with ) food or water.

2. He is an _________( usually ) boy, and he always does something strange.

3. The exam is very easy, but I don’t think ______( somebody ) can pass it.

4. The boys are talking _______( noise ), try to make them calm down.

5. We will thank the _________( follow ) people for their help.

6. I will spend as much time as I can _________( travel ) around the earth.

7. Tom ________( like ) playing piano, don’t ask him to do it.

8. Einstein is one of the famous _________( science ).

9. Do you know the _________( weigh ) of the elephant?

10. There are many useful _______( invent ) in Japan every year.



( ) 1. Some animals can live _________150 years old.

A. up B. up for C. up to D. up at

( ) 2. it’s _________unusual thing for us to find _________ UFO.

A. a, a B. an, an C. a, an D. an, a

( ) 3. —Will you come over to my home next Sunday?

—_______________. I will be on business in Shanghai.

A. I ‘d like to B. I don’t think so C. I’m afraid so D. I’m afraid I can’t

( ) 4. Turn on the TV, there is ______________.

A. important something B. important nothing

C. something important D. nothing important

( ) 5. We didn’t catch the bus _______ we got up late.

A. because B. so C. and D. but

( ) 6. —Who watered the flowers beside the window?

—Helen ___________.

A. watered B. does C. did D. was

( ) 7. —________ you often late _____ school last year?

—Yes, I often ________ late _________ school last year.

A. did, for, came, to B. did, for, came, to

C. were, for, came, to D. were, for, came, for

( ) 8. Yi Jianlian went to play in NBA in 2007, _______ he?

A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. didn’t D. won’t

( ) 9. It took me two weeks ________ the novels _______ by Han Han.

A. read, written B. to read, written

C. reading, to write D. to read, wrote

( ) 10. In spring, you will ________ the whisper of the breeze(清风), if you ____carefully.

A. hear, listen B. listen, hear C. hear, listen to D. listen to, hear

( ) 11. I’m ______ to know that elephants can walk quietly on tiptop.

A. surprising B. surprised C. frightening D. frightened

( ) 12. Good news for all Chinese middle school students in the countryside. They don’t have to pay for school ________.

A. any more B. no more C. so far D. no longer

( ) 13. Nobody but Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian _______ in NBA in 2007.

A. was B. were C. is D. are

( ) 14. —I’m going to spend my summer holiday in Hawaii.

—What a lucky guy! ______ And don’t forget to send me a post card.

A. That sounds good! B. Have a nice time!

C. Good luck! D. Can I go with you?



Would you l______(1) to travel to space(太空)? It would be a very e_______(2) trip. We can see this great trip in a movie or on TV. We can also learn more about space travel f_____(3) some books. It would be very d_______(4) for us to travel to space, if w______(5) aren’t astronauts(宇航员). But Richard Garriott will have a one-week space trip in O_______(6), 2008.

Richard Garriott is an American. He is 46 years old. His father was an astronaut. He is interested in space because of his father’s job. When he was little, he w______(7) that his father would take him to go to space. But he f______(8) that was impossible(不可能的) then. If he goes there, he must first have a lot of m______(9).

Now he has bought(已经买了) a 30-million-dollar space t_______(10). He will have a very interesting space trip in 2008.



七年级英语上册Starter Unit 5单元复习学案


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